Many years of experience have led JVVgrup to lend special importance to the new technologies in the world of illumination, especially in LEDs and electro-luminescent screens. Because of its minimum consumption, dimensions and durability, LEDs are becoming the source of light for the future. With an important number of new developments brought about and adapted to our clients’ needs, we have solutions available with different types of LED, power sources and controls. The principal manufacturers of LED keep us informed of the latest advances, which allows us to offer our clients new ideas and possibilites.

It’s important to know that poorly achieved development limits the longevity of the LED and deteriorates its chromatic quality. Development alone doesn’t guarantee optimum results. A meticulous study of the desired application and knowledge of the luminotechnology of the essential requirements give us the guarantee of the final unit. The possibility of working with 3 basic colors (Red, Green, Blue) allows us to generate multiple colors in a dynamic way.

An efficient engineering service, with the capacity to adapt production to the clients’ needs, permits a rapid response in the delivery of the product. JVVgrup collaborates closely with Assesors Luminotècnics, an engineering firm specializing exclusively in illumination. Assesors Luminotècnics offers 3 types of service:

Lighting design. From the concept phase through to industrialization.

Analysis and simulation of functioning, mechanics, electronics, thermo- and photometronics of lighting units. Evaluation of the adherence to Regulation Standards.

The completion of projects for every type of lighting application from the initial briefing to the simulation by infographing the previously calculated results and the follow-up of the actual results of the installation.