JVV Grup collaborates with the Cluster de Iluminación (CICAT) in the preparation of the “Technical Guide for the use and installation of UV radiation”.

This guide was created to answer questions about the use of UV radiation for disinfecting spaces, seeking to raise awareness of the proper functioning of this technology and draw attention to the safety issues associated with UVC products.

The situation generated by the COVID is causing multiple social changes. One of them is the need to sterilize public spaces

UVC radiation has been known and applied for many years in the sterilization of spaces, water, air, etc. But this type of radiation has harmful effects that must be considered when using it. It is for this reason that the CICAT lighting CLUSTER decided to create a working group to draw up a “Technical Guide for the Use and Installation of UV Radiation“.

                                                                                                            Download guide

JVV Grup has actively participated in the writing of this guide. Our extensive experience in LED technology has enabled us to provide information on the different LED solutions available at UVC. We have compiled the existing technologies and their working and manufacturing peculiarities

The aim is to collect existing information about this technology and its implications. It is not only intended to generate a document for the associates, but for any person or entity that wishes to deepen their knowledge, with the intention of avoiding a bad use or installation


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I+D+i 07-07-2020
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