Accompanying each stage of the project development

ServicesWe provide value in each phase

The objective of JVV Grup is to provide value in each of the Phases in which we divide the project.

We started the process conceptualizing the device to be developed, we wrote the specifications, we designed and implemented the equipment and then we manufactured it.

But we understand that this workflow should be expanded, providing support with a technological follow-up and supervision of improvements / updates.


Conceptualization of device to be developed

Conceptualización del dispositivo a desarrollar

Writing of Specifications

Redacción de especificaciones

Design and implementation of the team

Diseño e implementación del equipo



In JVV Grup we accompany our clients from the origin of their project to their competitive maintenance in the market.

That is why R & D is at the heart of our company. We integrate into our clients’ projects to provide knowledge and experiences, with a clear objective: Execute sustainable, optimized and feasable developments over time.

This is guaranteed thanks to our project development methodology. Discover the JVV Grup methodology.

Our main motivation is to shape ideas, make them tangible and build continuity relationships with our customers.

R & D

Our R & D department is the soul of JVV Grup. Formed by expert professionals in different areas of knowledge, they shape the projects of our clients. In short, we transform your ideas, sharing our knowledge in order to make something tangible. This allows us to develop a minimum of 200 projects per year.



Ensuring quality is a top priority at JVV Grup, that is the reason why we have expanded the equipment for testing and validating products, being able to carry out thermal, X-ray, LVD, EMC tests, according to current regulations.

Integrating this capacity into the R&D process, and offering it to our clients, allows us to maximize success when developing products, minimizing risks and time in interactions.



The JVV Grup production area is at the exclusive service of our clients. We have the entire production cycle integrated in our facilities, which allows us to guarantee maximum confidentiality.

We have a production engineering department in charge of developing the production lines, assembly and testing of the products developed and manufactured in JVV Grup. This system allows us to adjust the production area to the requirements of each product and obtain total traceability in the test system.

We have equipped ourselves with state-of-the-art technology, with three SMD production lines, visual inspection (AOI) systems, Rx inspection, vacuum oven (VOIDS-free soldering), laser marking, THT soldering station and semi automated test tools, which guarantee being able to offer a solvent product at a competitive cost.

Through the incorporation of more than 800m2 intended for final product assembly lines (electronic and mechanical components), wiring, functional testing, labeling and packaging; at JVV Grup we offer our customers the possibility of manufacturing the complete product according to their needs and specifications ensuring at all times the required quality standards.

This integration of the assembly process reduces handling and transport risks, speeds up the production process and improves the final cost of the product.



Currently one of the most stressed sectors within organizations is logistics management, for this reason at JVV Group we have committed to increasing our capacities in this area, incorporating 450m2 of warehouse and offering this service to our customers as part of the production process.

In the incoming warehouse we can receive parts of the products in order to be handled and/or assembled within our production chain. We thus ensure the correct management of stocks and the quality of the materials we receive, thus integrating them into our value chain.

We have a finished product warehouse that can be part of your logistics chain, managing both national and international shipments. Our flexibility allows us to ship quickly as needed (B2B, B2C, dropshipping, ...)



Since our goal is to develop innovative and competitive teams, we devote a significant part of our time to training. This accumulated knowledge, together with daily experience, serves as the basis for preparing and delivering Training Courses linked to the world of LED and business. We offer personalized courses to our clients, sharing our knowledge of both.



As an industrial company, we understand that an agile and decisive after-sales service is essential. The management of information and its processing must serve for the continuous improvement of the product.


Technological Follow-up

As part of our strategy of differentiation and in order to be able to add value to any of the developed projects, technological surveillance is integrated into our procedure. This allows us to keep our clients informed of available or emerging technologies, insofar as they are able to intervene in their products or processes. This means that our customers can keep their equipment always up-to-date.

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