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LED + JVV GrupAccumulating LED experience since 2001

At JVV Grup we are experts in LED technology project development.

This baggage allows us to affirm that the knowledge necessary for a correct LED technology development covers both electronics, lighting technology, mechanics and thermal management.

We offer you short development and production times. Projects designed for later manufacture. Also, we get competitive manufacturing costs.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a global service that allows them to have a competitive product, in the shortest time and with the guarantee of having a product aligned with the demands of the lighting market.

Experts in LED solutions.
If you imagine it, we can create it


We have been committed to LED since its inception, which has made us recognized specialists in the design and manufacture of this technology. Trainers of the future lighting designers, we work giving knowledge and service to the most relevant manufacturers in the sector.
We remain in continuous collaboration and training with the main manufacturers of LEDs, PCBs, connectors, ... providing to our clients the maximum added value and the latest technology both in the development phase and during production.


We offer you extensive experience in developing AC / DC power supplies and DC / DC conversion systems tailored to the requirements of lighting applications.
Durability, efficiency, output consistency, cost and thermal management are some of the most important parameters when designing a LED power system. With this in mind, we ensure proper operation of the LED, increasing its longevity and eliminating detrimental effects on the light quality.


Lifetime optimization and luminaire efficiency are essential requirements. The device correct thermal management allows to give the required guarantee. Different test elements, such as a climatic camera, a thermal imager, data logger, ... allow us to analyze the behavior of the devices in multiple work environments.
From JVV Grup we offer the necessary support to be able to select between different support materials, thermal interfaces and electronic solutions, to obtain a competitive product that meets the most demanding requirements.


Interacting in different ways with equipment and lights is already a necessity, either through wired communication protocols (DALI, 0-10V, DMX, ...), or wireless ones (CASAMBI, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wiz, ... ).
And also, everything must participate in a control system at the highest level such as home assistance (Alexa, Google Home, Siri, ...) at the domestic level or the most industrial home automation systems such as KNX or Lonwoks.


Light, the main bulwark. Knowing the light and conditioning it requires different elements such as optics, reflectors, diffusers, filters, ... that allow us to manage the light once it comes out of the LED. During these years we have acquired experience in optical solutions that allows us to reliably and profitably advise on developments.
In parallel, we have the collaboration of specialized lighting centers such as Asselum, an ENAC accredited laboratory to carry out photometric tests, colorimetries, photobiological risk, PAR measurements for horticulture, ... and thereby provide global optical support.

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