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At JVV Group we work with international companies, developing and manufacturing products sold all over the world. This experience in different strategic sectors has allowed us to acquire a deep knowledge of them, being able to successfully carry out innovative, disruptive projects with high added value for our clients.

Strategic sectors


We live in the era of digitization and communications, if we combine the two concepts the opportunity appears to endow internet devices (IoT, Internet of Things) providing remote control, monitoring and interaction. Whether wired or wireless, at JVV Grup we have the protocol you need to solve your product's connectivity challenges.



Water is life, so its management is becoming an element of transformation at all levels. From JVV Grup we have accumulated a high level of knowledge of the sector as well as of the electronics associated with the devices related to this environment (purification, irrigation, treatment, pumping, ...).



It is not necessary to look back very far to realize the importance of health and well-being. We are just beginning to emerge from a pandemy that even the best prophets could not have predicted. With this vision at JVV Grup we tackle projects related to the health sector. Rigor and quality are intrinsic values within the company that allow us to carry out projects within the sector successfully.


Control systems:

Classics never die. Device management requires the implementation of systems that can control their behavior based on different variables. At JVV Group, through the integration of this management with power control, communications, sensors, and the rest of the necessary systems, we develop compact and competitive products at both a technical and economic level.


User machine interface

Rational interaction is the part that humanizes us the most. In order to optimize the user experience in the usability of the product, a good communication interface between himself and the device is essential. Hundreds of projects in this sector allow us to cover all the needs of users, including capacitive keyboards, touchscreens, touchless, waterproof, anti-vandal, ...


Motor control:

Power without control is useless, fans, pumps, appliances, ... many of the devices we have at home have motors, and these respectively different control systems. From classic PWM regulators, through frequency variators to sensorless vector controls for BLDC, at JVV Grup we have extensive experience in the implementation of controls for motor management.



Within the 2030 agenda, one of the objectives sought is that energy is clean and affordable. The Sun is an almost infinite source of this energy. We strongly believe in systems that take advantage of the benefits it generates for us in society. Historically, JVV Grup has developed products related to the solar environment, from MPPT control systems to small autonomous devices. So we continue with the same anxiety.


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