Do you know the CASAMBI system and app?

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Do you know the CASAMBI system? In this article, the electronic engineer Andreu Montesimos talks about its possibilities. The CASAMBI system is widely known to manufacturers and light users, but only from the point of view of equipment design. The possibility of manufacturing non-standard but compatible equipment recognized by CASAMBI is not as well known.

What to do with the CASAMBI system and app?

For JVV Grup, as an administrator accredited by CASAMBI, the inclusion of a CASAMBI module in the equipements (which can be luminaires, sensors, actuators, etc.) allows us to generate customized equipments in the database, which will be recognized and managed by the app when they are on the market.

In this way, we can design equipment with special functionalities: for example, we have developed a control CPU for autonomous umbrellas (via photovoltaic energy) that integrate opening and closing motors, as well as LED luminaires. We manage all this with the CASAMBI app immediately!

Integration and management with the CASAMBI app does not require modifications, which allows us a fast design of hardware without minimum amounts required. It also allows us to have variables in the system for each equipment, which can help us to know, for example, the hours of operation that the equipment has, temperature, flow (e.g. LED), etc.

This allows efficient management of a lighting installation, useful in the commodity and smart home sectors, to control the use of equipment and even manage maintenance in case of breakdowns and/or predictively.

The CASAMBI app has great potential. It enables the control of equipment individually or by groups, in addition to generating time-programmed scenes and events, adding compatible actuators and sensors, etc.

Features of CASAMBI environments

At JVV Grup, as an electronic engineering company, we can design equipment with a certain HW, but with multiple supported ways to manage this HW. A list of configuration options will appear in the CASAMBI app: for example, for an RGB+TW luminaire, the integrator can choose between combined controls (for a home, hotel room…) or independent controls per channel (white colour adjustments at any temperature, CRI…) for photographic studies or other applications requiring precise colour control.

In addition, in CASAMBI environments created in the app, the user can easily modify the appearance of the icons and names of the luminaires, even with a real photo. Likewise, with the scenes you can take a photo of the room and mark the different equipements by tapping on the image, manage the control and recognize each element unequivocally.

Another issue that JVV Grup customers are increasingly concerned about is network security. With a system based, for example, on Wi-Fi, it is feasible for a hacker to enter the network to extract data or sabotage the system. With CASAMBI, however, that always works with Bluetooth BLE and the security protocols it uses, getting into the network is practically impossible.

CASAMBI is an IoT paradigm. The moment we build a network and manage it from the app, the mobile or tablet is already a gateway (existing feature in the app) that allows connection to the cloud. What’s more, we recommend generating networks shared with the cloud, because, if we lose the phone or delete a configuration by mistake, we will always have a backup available in the cloud.

Everything said above is enhanced by the innovative character of CASAMBI, which is constantly studying how to add value to its product and adapting to new technologies in the world of smart home, as well as outdoor and indoor lighting with a high number of connection points (there are facilities in use with 40,000 points)

From JVV Grup we want to know your needs and help you to create competitive equipements, integrating the best existing solutions in the market.

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Engineering 10-03-2021
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